Featured Wedding Films

Seda + Alex

San Francisco, CA

A Luxury wedding in the San Francisco area, where the later evening was held in Alex's grandpas Japanese Garden. This wedding will not only wow you with the stunning locations and features, but will hit you with all the emotions of the day as well. California Wedding Videographer, Utah Wedding Videographer

Levi + Angela

Salt Lake City, UT

This film is a special one, my best friend Levi and his now-wife Angela had to move to Missouri to meet each other. But the people that they were and how they lived their lives prepared them for each other. This Winter wedding is stunning.

Utah Wedding Videographer

Peery + Dylan

Little CottonWood Canyon, Ut

Peery and Dylan met via a dating app, but instead of it being a one time date they both found their soulmates. This beautiful elopement is so magical and I hope you love the Harry Potter theme throughout.

Utah Wedding Videographer

Eleanor + Zach

Wanship, UT

Working with Tanner was one of the hands-down best decisions we made for our wedding day. From the outset, Tanner got to know us and we all became so comfortable - which is important for someone holding a video camera around you all day! Tanner brings an amazing balance of fun and light-heartedness (no need for any added stress on the day) while still being super professional and organized. His communication leading up to the day, week of, day of, and after the event was fantastic, and the final videos he created for us were beautifully done - and quickly, too! 10/10 would recommend!" Utah Wedding Videographer

Melissa + Brett

Moab, UT

"TANNER, wow! He’s is incredible. When I was deciding last minute to add a videographer to our day he was the PERFECT fit. The most expensive of my options but after a getting to know you phone call, I knew he was worth every penny. He really took time to get to know me and my now husband and make our videos very special to us. On the wedding day I added in a new way I wanted to do the video - y’all, on the wedding day - and he adapted and didn’t make me worry for one second!! More than that though, weddings are stressful, and I remember 2 times he pulled me aside and reassured me everything would be ok. When he saw me stressed, he stopped, took a moment, and really made sure I was enjoying every second. I couldn’t be more grateful for our video and experience with Tanner and I couldn’t be happier to have gained a friend!" Utah Wedding Videographer

Aspen + Lantzen

Salt flats & Ogden, UT

"Tanner did an incredible job filming our wedding! He is very confident and creative! Our video was very personalized and verrryy well done! I’d recommend Tanner to anyone!!!"

Utah Wedding Videographer

Payton + Kaeson

Tooele, UT

Tanner is the absolute best!! He created a beautiful video to help us relive our special day 🤍"

Mackenzie + Sam

Elopement in Moab, uT

My husband and I won an elopement package from a contest on Instagram. That alone is already the coolest thing ever, but the original videographer actually ending up being sick and Tanner was contacted just the day before our big day. With no question, Tanner stepped in to work with all of the other vendors on this giveaway. When we arrived it was like Tanner and the rest of the crew had known each other forever but really, they had just met the day before. He was an absolute natural and was so comfortable to be around. He truly and authenticity captured our entire day. The film is hands down one of the best wedding films I’ve seen, and not just because it’s mine. I have some other business related items that I am going to need a videographer and I can’t wait to work with Tanner on these items. I’m telling you... hire Tanner, you won’t regret it! Thank you again TCF for capturing one of the best days of our lives and allowing us to hold onto this video forever.

Ashlyn + Teron

Cedar city, UT

Ashlyn & Teron’s contagious laughter and silliness really made their relationship unique and special compared to most other couples I’ve filmed. I mean, my sister being the bride sure helped because I knew them both so well. But, planning their Utah wedding in 3 months was a whirlwind. Watch to see how it turned out!