Why You Should Hire A Utah Wedding Videographer

Editorial – And What The End Result Can Be

As a Utah wedding videographer, I know that there is a lot of planning that goes into your wedding day and there are so many people involved that help brings it to life (family, friends, vendors, etc). First and foremost, your wedding video is for you as a couple. It should be a story-driven film that shows you some of the best parts of your day in a cinematic and authentic way. There are always add-ons that I offer with my wedding videography services to help further capture those memories so that you can see more than what I would typically create in a short cinematic film. Some of the add-ons that you don’t want to miss out on include:

  • Ceremony & Toasts Edit
  • Engagement/Bridal Session
  • Story Session (new blog about this coming up soon, just ask me about it when you inquire)
  • FOMO Edit (all the footage captured from the beginning to the end in one long docu-style video)
  • Moments Edit's (Full moments from your day, first dance, first look, anything that I may have filmed in full)
  • Raw Footage (I don’t offer raw footage, but I do offer Moments edit in place of this)
  • A Wedding Video Is Different From A Photo Gallery

    A wedding video is a completely different experience than looking at a photo gallery of wedding photos. While photos can analyze each detail, a video captures the feeling and emotions of the wedding day as it unfolds. You can see the joy on the couple's faces as they exchange vows, the laughter during the speeches, and the tears during the first dance.

    In addition, wedding videos often include audio recordings of the ceremony and reception, which add another layer of depth to the experience. Hearing the couple's voices as they say their vows or listening to the laughter of guests during the reception can help you feel as if you were there on the day itself.

    I strive to not only capture good audio but using audio that comes from the clips and everything I capture on the day to help you feel transported back to that day. If you prefer a video music montage then there are definitely videographers out there that offer this but personally, the best wedding videographers are the ones that incorporate audio into the wedding videos. For all those who are having a Utah wedding I highly recommend someone who incorporates audio.

    If you are LDS and having a Utah wedding and don't know what a wedding video looks like with audio I have some examples here.

    Hiring Wedding Videographers

    For all these reasons, a wedding video is a completely different experience than looking at your wedding photos. When looking for wedding videographers it's important to make sure that you agree with their philosophies and get along with them. Too many times I've heard horror stories from couples, vendors & mainly photographers that some of the wedding videographers that they worked with were not team players. Not only does this leave a bad taste in the Utah wedding community but it will also reflect in the wedding videos and the photographer's photos as well.

    To me, there is nothing worse than being a selfish vendor on a wedding day. I try to make sure that I have a set style for all my wedding films but if you watch them they all have different feels and looks. This is mainly due to the couples being different and me spending time making sure to get to know them, the details of their wedding day, and to make sure their video is unique to them. My style of wedding videography portrays the couple and their day and the music I choose is unique to them and how the day felt.

    But how I edit is also due to where I am filming weddings and the new vendors that I work with. Being a team player on your wedding day is important to me to allow you to enjoy your day rather than focus on if your vendors are getting along. The day goes by so fast, and the last thing I want is for you to be stressed out on your wedding day. Hiring a team of vendors that you trust to work together and who will help make your vision come to life is important. So if you're looking for a wedding videographer, I would love to be a part of your day!

    Here’s a quick story that highlights why a Videographer is a MUST HAVE:

    Ashlyn & Teron’s contagious laughter and silliness really made their relationship unique and special compared to most other couples I’ve filmed. I mean, my sister being the bride sure helped because I knew them both so well. But, planning their Utah wedding in 3 months was a whirlwind, but with the help of family and friends they were able to create an amazing day, starting in St. George, UT, and then moving to the actual wedding venue, The Barn At Cedar Meadows in Cedar City. It was a cold day and the clouds kept threatening to rain out the wedding, but we lucked out and were able to enjoy an outdoor ceremony and then move inside where we could shelter from the wind.

    Their day was filled with laughter, dancing, and some tender moments too. Fast forward to 1:37 on the video above for one of the most tender reactions that I’ve been blessed to film. I was tearing up when I saw my dad’s reaction to seeing my sister in her wedding dress for the first time. It got even more emotional when my mom peeked through the door and a rush of emotions and memories ran through her mind. Then Teron, my now brother-in-law, surprised my sister Ashlyn with a new ring mid-ceremony. (Watch the wedding video to see her reaction!)

    Relatives and friends drove from as far as Northern, UT & out of state to come to their Utah wedding and congratulate Ashlyn and Teron for making the commitment to each other. My grandparents on my mom’s side were thrilled to see so many of their children, grandkids, and even a couple of their great-grandkids. The dancing was so much fun, the first dances drew tears, and the night ended with the married couple’s fast exit to leave for their long-awaited honeymoon.

    You know I watched my sister's video again before writing this article. I didn’t realize that even though it wasn’t my wedding how personal and important it felt. There were family and friends there that I also knew and are close and dear to my heart. Having a video really separates the difference between freezing a moment and being able to relive it. So the question was should you hire a videographer? Well, I am very biased and that is a personal question that you have to answer for yourself. But maybe the better one is this:

    What moments will I miss out on, or want to see again but can’t if I don’t hire a wedding videographer?

    You're wedding film will be watched by all your loved ones.

    I don’t take this fact lightly, that the wedding films I create aren't just for you but a reminder for all your family and friends. They’re all such an important part of the pre-planning and your special day that I’m sure they’ll want to relive it right there alongside you. Wedding videography can really help show people what they looked like, sounded like, and make you feel how you normally do when a loved one talks or laughs.

    This is why I put just as much into the editing process as I do the filming weddings. I take great pride in my work and always treat each of my wedding films like it’s my own wedding day. This level of dedication has resulted in some amazing feedback from previous clients, many of which have even become great friends. Probably the coolest part of wedding videography is the people that I meet and connect with.

    Your wedding film will be watched by all your loved ones

    This film isn't just for you but a reminder for all your family and friends because they're all such an important part of the pre-planning and your special day. While I am biased I think having a wedding day video is such a special and necessary thing to have.

    Here is a list of the incredible vendors that helped bring this wedding to life:

    Tammy the venue owner and coordinator at The Barn at Cedar Meadows is simply amazing. She has that place running like a ship in a storm. Everything is super organized, up to date with amazing colors and choices, and her helpfulness with even the smallest details and bigger moments is incredible. She made sure to fluff Ashlyn’s dress just before she walked down the aisle so it was picture perfect.

    Haidns Florals were incredible and exactly what Ashlyn was looking for. The boho feel and colors were nothing less than perfect and Haidn delivered. I highly recommend her for all your southern Utah wedding floral needs.

    Samantha, a.k.a. the BEST HMUA ever, not only did the bride’s hair but also helped with all the bridesmaids and the bride’s mom’s hair and makeup at the start of the day. While she is amazing at what she does, she also knows how to keep the energy high and fun with her great dancing and karaoke singing as she helps you look fabulous for your big day.

    Bell Tower Bridal is one of the only dress shops in Southern, UT and they were able to provide Ashlyn with the perfect dress. It was modest, elegant, laced with the prettiest flowers, and just a dream come true. The team there is fantastic to work with and they provide a wide range of dresses at their shop, from modern to classic and traditional.

    Tucker High Adventure Tours is known for its adrenaline-rushing adventures and they bring nothing but relaxed and great vibes throughout the day. But if you ever have the pleasure of eating the food that they prepare, you’ll have to keep it quiet from your mom because nothing can beat their amazing cast iron cooking of funeral potatoes and brisket. Definitely check them out the next time you’re in Southern, UT if you want a crazy adventure and delicious food.

    When I say that this cake was heavy, it was HEAVY. Weighing probably 50 lbs of chocolate and lemon goodness, it was easily one of the better cakes that I’ve had. They did a fantastic job and delivered a super cool cake that tasted phenomenal.

    Ian Cunningham, who I hope will have a website soon, is an insanely talented kid who is going to go far in professional wedding photography. He captured some amazing moments for Ashlyn and Teron and of their friends and family later in the day, and he did it all pro bono. But I won’t be surprised to see him charging for his work in the near future. His willingness to work with me and his ability to read the room are skills that not everyone has. Those skills separate him from even a lot of seasoned photographers that I’ve worked with. I even recently had him second shoot for me again in California this year and believe that he will be offering videography services as well soon.

    Venue – The Barn At Cedar Meadows

    Florals – Florals by Haidn

    HMUA – Samantha Francis

    Dress – Bell Tower Bridal

    Catering – Tucker High Adventure Tours

    Cake – Palette Bake Shop

    Photo – Ian Cunningham & Tanner Castro Films

    Video – Tanner Castro Films


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